Celebrity Turnaround: Wendy Williams and Saturn

Sade Sati, or Shani Sade, is designed to release that which makes a person unhappy. Bonds of family, friends and loved ones are tested or released and mental obstacles can be faced. Each person experiences this phase differently and the effects vary. Awareness, discipline and healing remedies can contribute positively.


Shani Sade can be challenging for regular mortals, but imagine what it would be like to endure a variety of humiliating issues in front of the entire world?

Wendy William's encounter with Shani Sade and Saturn Return is detailed below.

Wendy Williams may be feeling like her life is in a holding patterns, but she may not know that this time in her life is an indicator of Shani Sade - the dreaded period when transiting Saturn passes over one's natal Moon. Saturn and Moon are mortal enemies.  It is compared to a "mid-life crisis" in the West, although a person, on average, experiences Shani Sade 3x (once at childhood, once at adulthood and once at old age).  It usually involved moving and letting go of something.

What does Shani Sade (or Sade Sati) mean? It depends - many people are impervious to Saturn's effects - you will just notice them working harder during that period!

When two highly malefic planets conjunct, like Saturn and Moon, it's a temporary period that has the potential to be stressful:  you may suddenly be fearful of things or your future.  Nothing seems to go anywhere - whatever you're selling, nobody is buying (temporarily).  In extreme examples,  some will experience lawsuits, divorce, betrayals of friends and even loss of loved ones.  Saturn represents darkness and the Moon is how we are "nurtured."  A dark cloud of energy passes over what feeds you emotionally.  In Wendy's case, the Moon represents "the public" and the many ups and downs she faces while staying on the air and staying #1 on daytime television.

The full Sade Sati period lasts 7.5 years but the most intense of that period is 2 - 2.5 years. When that period begins- you'll notice that (even for those who normally have many supportive friends) there's no one to help you it seems - you'll have to figure out how to survive on your own -but it's not forever.


So what happens to a successful celebrity like Wendy Williams (who has fame, wealth, family, friends and a beautiful home) when Shani Sade strikes?  Her Shani Sade started in 2013 and is due to end in 2020.  There will be a few times when Wendy will have a respite from this journey. However, for Wendy, she is coming up on a Saturn Return (considered another major event in Eastern culture that forces you to look inward) and will continue right after Shane Sade - which will last until 2027.  It is a period of introspection and a lesson of patience that eventually passes and result in Wendy shedding her former skin and all of the toxins that went along with it. 

Marriage that isn't working? Saturn took care of it. Health issues? Wendy's tackling them. Money issues? She's working out new opportunities.  A new and improved Wendy is around the corner. And a much happier Wendy.

When this Saturn "transit" is completed, many have found their true purpose in life! 

For Capricorn Ascendants, ruled by Saturn (Saturn is comfortable there), Shani Sade does not affect the individual as much as it does Leo (for which it can be a bit more aggravating).  The first thing to remember with Shani Sade is awareness.  After awareness comes discipline, service and then administering remedies. Combining these four will ensure that you learn the lessons of Shani Sade and thrive after you have served your time.

Wendy Williams Case Study
Designed to show you ... that although effects vary widely, this transit happens to everyone.

Let's take a look at 4 different phases of Wendy Williams' Shane Sade.

1. When transiting Saturn first approached Wendy's natal moon, a former intern filed a lawsuit against her and her show, The Wendy Williams Show, and was made public. She may have been experiencing other issues that we may not know about (perhaps health related) as she has stated.  

 2. As Wendy's health began to deteriorate, Saturn moved further into the Shani Sade zone and manifested into a very typical grouping of negative events for those experiencing this intense period: Humiliation (collapsing on live television), health concerns (a Graves Disease diagnosis), and an undercover investigation into her ex husband's alleged second home with a mistress (more humiliation).  This does not mean your Shani Sade has the same effect. Most people I know who have gone through this period did not suddenly discover a mistress!

3. Once Wendy passed the most traumatic part of this period, a light bulb finally went on and she realized she need to let go of personal baggage - her marriage and her professional association with her husband and business partner (on the heels of reports that he fathered a child with his mistress).  During this time her professional life was impacted and she missed many weeks of work and her show was in danger of cancellation. It would be natural to assume she felt stuck in her decision-making because her mind was not in the right place. She was stuck in her tracks for some time (Saturn).  Note: many people stay happily married during this transit.

4. As Saturn continued through Wendy's tropical sign of Capricorn and transited through Wendy's thoughts, feelings, and physical well-being, she packed her things and moved (moving is another very typical indicator of Shani Sade) out of her New Jersey mansion that she shared with her husband and son.

There will be more to come from Saturn since Wendy will have to fight for what is hers during a potentially contentious divorce  - while getting used to the idea of a completely New Wendy.  For anything she has done to others, whether alleged task master behavior backstage or her outspoken opinions of others, Shani Sade will show Wendy an alternative way of being that will improve your attitude.  

 *Chart reflects Tropical Zodiac wheel 

The life events listed are some of the characteristics of Saturn Return and Shani Sade phases. Both pose challenges designed to break down the ego or "self" and set the stage for enlightenment and a focus & commitment to a higher power.  Find out which Saturn phase you're running. (you will be directed to another website). Also see: Saturn Return calculator

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