Journalist Chris Hansen's Saturn Journey

Shani Sade is designed to release that which makes a person unhappy. Bonds of family, friends and loved ones are tested or released and mental obstacles will be faced. Each person experiences this phase differently and the effects vary. Awareness, discipline and healing remedies can contribute positively.


Chris Hansen's rise to fame began when he joined popular television program "Dateline" on NBC but became a household name when he tracked down and confronted child predators in his own program, NBC's "To Catch A Predator." Following that he had numerous crime-related programs that gained popularity. Hansen was experiencing massive appeal and was well-regarded among peers and fans for his sleuthing and bravery in confronting dangerous criminals for their evil deeds.

For Hansen, it would reflect what happens to most of us during this phase: a period typically marked by divorce, job loss, relocation/moving, betrayal, humiliation, fear/paranoia, delay, trouble with the law and or loss of money. Not everyone experiences the same things, and not everyone divorces (therapy helps).

Hansen had two different Saturn transits, just like Johnny Depp, that would turn his life completely upside down and would possibly lead him into a deep depression if not a time of major reflection. 


Transiting Saturn would first approach Hansen's natal Saturn, also known as a Saturn Return - which usually takes effect around the ages of 27–31, 56–60 and 84–90.


A longer Saturn period would activate for Hansen in Dec 2017.  Shani Sade marked the second and most devastating phase of turmoil. In this period, people appear in one's life that tempt, agitate, sue, betray or even harm you. 

Below are the feelings you may experience, just like Hansen did.

2016  He is Labeled a Fraud: Hansen's Kickstarter campaign is a disappointment to fans when promised merchandise doesn't arrive, even after $90,000 is generated from the campaign.

Summer 2017 He is Publicly Embarrassed: Perhaps as an effort to appease Kickstarter donors, Hansen orders the marketing materials. The vendor notifies police when both checks bounce.

June 2018 You Start to Lose What Is Familiar: Hansen's wife files for divorce, years after Hansen had been the subject of a National Enquirer "sting" that exposed an affair.

Jan 17, 2019 Humiliation Doesn't Seem to Let Up: the press reports embarrassing details and labels Chris with a variety of negative terms.

Jan 18, 2019 His Finances Suffer: the press continues to report a much more dire financial situation: that Hansen owes large amounts of money to creditors.

The life events listed above are characteristic of both Saturn Return and Shani Sade phases. Both pose extreme challenges designed to break down the ego or "self" and set the stage for enlightenment and a focus & commitment to a higher power.  Find out which Saturn phase you're running. (you will be directed to another website). Also see: Saturn Return calculator

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