How Does Saturn Affect Your Life?

Saturn is heavy (on your mind). It's cold, old and dark. You encounter Saturn during many major (usually difficult) events in your life. Considered the "task master," Saturn turns your whole world upside down with the intention of instilling patience, discipline, dependability and resilience to areas in your life that need it the most. Not good at saving money? Saturn will appear and show you poverty or hand you a menial job. Not good at relationships because of how you treat others? Saturn will serve you loneliness. Treating your body poorly? Saturn will show you what a health problem really means.  Whatever it is that you consider your weakness, Saturn will come along and reinforce the consequences if you don't start revising your life and turning your weakness into strength (and all the while.. you're kicking and screaming).
People often ask (loudly) - when will this end?  It depends. There are different types of Saturn influences:
2.5 years - the time Saturn passes through one house in your birth chart (representing an aspect of your life)
Saturn Return - 2.5 -3.5 years
Shani Sade - 7.5 years
Saturn Dasha - 19 years
Saturn lifts it's heavy hand as we get older (older is representative of Saturn so that's why he likes you better old).


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