Brad Pitt: His Long-Term Relationship with Saturn

It's difficult to experience Shani Sade for regular mortals, but imagine what it's like to endure so much negative energy in front of the entire world? Brad Pitt's encounter with Shani Sade and his Saturn Return (11/22) is detailed below.  The Saturn in red denotes a transiting Saturn. When it touches the Moon, it is the most intense part of the Shani Sade but begins one sign before the moon (see first red Saturn) and ends one sign after (last red Saturn below).  By 2022 he will have lost many things but learned spirituality and squared up with the karma he was holding. His new beginning will likely be in 2023.  This is an example of how Saturn affect your chart - you can still feel its affect on your personal planets one sign before and one sign after.


First Sign Of Trouble (Saturn, one sign before Moon)

In early 2016, right around the time Brad was shooting a movie with a new female costar, Pitt started a challenging phase. There were whispers around the industry that something wasn't quite right between him and his wife, Angelina. The previous year, the couple had wrapped a grueling movie, By The Sea, in which they starred together - and the mood, it seemed, was dour judging by the film's promotional photos and movie theme.

Locals told the dailies they couple wasn't speaking between takes on location in France - it would be the precursor that set off a litany of difficult moments in motion for the next year. 

Saturn Moves In Hard

Some of the issues involved included cheating allegations in 2016, excessive drinking, and an infamous plane incident involving their eldest child, Maddox.  The end of 2016 would mark a long, dramatic ending that would show how many people start of the Shani Sade period. This is when people start withdrawing from you.

September 14, 2016  The Plane Incident
Analyzing the transit chart for this day reveals that something was clearly wrong between the couple- and the tension was building. 

Side Note: If you've ever traveled during Mercury Retrograde (an astrological no-no), you'd understand that it was what influenced the family early on, when the couple was traveling from Nice, France back to the States. Brad's Uranus (the plane in which the family is traveling) is squaring the Moon (home, drinking) as well as Venus (wife).

There are numerous other squares on that travel day that would influence one of the most infamous breakups in the history of Hollywood.  Angelina would end up filing for divorce during that same retrograde (not auspicious), and it would put forth a tumultuous and protracted battle for custody and the settlement.  If they had just stayed in Nice that month and taken French lessons.

But that was not to be since Saturn was starting its approach to Pitt's natal moon and almost conjunct his Ascendant. It would only get worse for Brad in the coming months. He had no choice but to be caught in a dark period and find his way out by himself (Saturn: alone).

The Solitary Phase of Saturn
As transiting Saturn crossed Pitt's Ascendant and approached his natal moon, it was reported that he was becoming a recluse, staying at his pal's residence and learning a very meditative, yet solitary, new hobby: ceramics.  Often a person will move to a smaller house or move north. A colder environment (or older environment) will prevail for a few years).

There's no doubt the weight of a shocking split, limited child visitation, the loss of his home and familiar surroundings, moving, loneliness, sadness and the overall humiliation of being investigated by federal agents (after that plane ride) in front of a public audience was a lot to bear. Look at the photos of that time and you'll notice Pitt began to look older - and probably felt older.  This is Saturn and you'll notice it too during your transit (some have dark circles under eyes or look tired/older).

When 2 inimical planets (Saturn and Moon) are "in conjunction," in your chart, occurring 3x in your lifetime, the results can be challenging at best but has also been described as devastating to some.  It depends what your chart shows - some have trines to Saturn or the Moon which soften the affect. An astrologer can show you the timing and potential affect.

The 2nd Shani Sade is usually the worst and what most people have called "The Midlife Crisis."










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