Rise and Fall (and Recovery?) of Johnny Depp

Shani Sade is designed to release that which makes a person unhappy. Bonds of family, friends and loved ones will be broken and mental obstacles will be faced. Everyone experiences this phase differently but it leads to the ultimate transformation. 

Depp began his acting career on 21 Jump Street, a television series that ran on the Fox network from 1987-1991. He would later reach A-list  status after gaining international notoriety for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the 2003 movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was a blockbuster franchise that would yield five movies, grossing over $4.5 billion dollars and net Depp a personal fortune of over $650 million dollars; but by 2016, claims Rolling Stone magazine, almost all of it was gone.

“So are you here to hear the truth?” Depp asks. “It’s full of betrayal.” 
Rolling Stone, 2018

Shani Sade (transiting Saturn moving over natal Moon) for Depp started in late 2015.


Depp would begin feeling that hardest effects of Shani Sade, the 7.5 year timeframe dreaded by ancient astrologers, in the spring of 2016. It would mark the beginning of many years of life challenges for the actor as Saturn transited 13 degrees of Sagittarius - one full sign before 13 degrees of Capricorn, the position of Depp's natal moon, at 13 degrees.   At that point, with a brief respite, he will begin another challenging phase called Saturn Return in a similar timeframe as Chris Hansen did (sequential Saturn transits).  This period is marked by delays and some depression in an effort to help him focus more on addressing long-held issues, starting at childhood.  

There is a scared, hunted look about him. Despite grand talks about hitting the town, we never leave the house. As Depp’s mind leads us down various rabbit holes, I often think of a line that he recited as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland: “Have I gone mad?”  Rolling Stone, 2018 


Shani Sade affects everyone: one sign before the natal moon, the sign of the natal moon, and one sign after the natal moon for a total of 7.5 years.

Depp's significant dates during the phase of Shani Sade:

March 2016:  Depp fires management company and a protracted legal battle begins.

May 2016:

  • Depp's mother passes away
  • Domestic abuse claims are made by Depp's wife Amber Heard, 911 called
  • Divorce filing by Heard

“I was as low as I believe I could have gotten,” says Depp in a dead voice. “The next step was, ‘You’re going to arrive somewhere with your eyes open and you’re going to leave there with your eyes closed.’ I couldn’t take the pain every day.”
Johnny Depp, Rolling Stone, 2018


August 2016: Depp/Heard divorce is settled out of court.

October 2016: His L.A. homes are served a foreclosure notice by management company, which was reportedly owed $5m.


“I kept trying to figure out what I’d done to deserve this."
Johnny Depp, Rolling Stone, 2018


January 2017  Depp's team files a lawsuit against former management company.

June 2017 In a humiliating turn of events, Depp's private emails to management team are released for public consumption via court documents.

August 2017  Vanity Fair publishes exposé that includes details of Depp's reportedly exorbitant spending habits and a claim of his "never-ending desire to spend."

March 2019 Media reports circulate that Depp has filed a $50m defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard regarding abuse claims.

At the time of this writing, June 5, 2019, Saturn (now at 19 degrees) is in retrograde meaning it's headed straight back towards Depp's natal moon of 13 degrees until September. Think of a car running over a passerby and putting it in reverse a few times - that's retrograde. It will be a tough summer for Depp as he continues to wage war with his past associates, demons and ex wife.

Depp can do a few things to help himself through this ordeal. Some tips:

  • He should not consume red meat, drink milk (Saturn is vehemently opposed to what represents Moon, such as milk), alcohol or take ANY drugs.
  • Focus on hard work, a consistent schedule, plenty of sleep
  • Donate to worthy causes that help the poor
  • Settle legal battles. Release the warrior mentality. Focus on healing scars that were made in this lifetime which may include childhood abuse and the way others have been treated.
  • Clean the home (no servants) at the same time every day.
  • Go to the dentist (Saturn rules teeth)
  • Incorporate a business (a new "timestamp" can change Shani Sade energy)
  • Meditate and learn Saturn mantras for Saturdays
  • See a therapist at least once a week
  • Awareness: know that others are going through the same transit

Understand that feelings of heaviness, depression, hopelessness, hate and other negative feelings will eventually subside.

Actor Johnny Depp is under the influence of a 7.5 year phase of Shani Sade which represents: Divorce, Betrayal, Humiliation/Exposure, Loss of Money, Temptation, Bad Associates, Depression, Health Problems, Death of Loved Ones.  For Depp, this period began in 2015 and will stay in effect until early 2023. 

Although the period is challenging, it is designed to break down the ego or "self" and set the stage for enlightenment and a focus & commitment to a higher power. Not everyone feels the same effects during these phases and should check their personal "Ashtavarga" number (1-5) for indicators. 

 Find out that Saturn phase you're running. (you will be directed to another website). Also see: Saturn Return calculator.  For more information on Saturn or Saturn remedies, send us an email!



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