Saturn Remedies for All Saturn Transits

If you're reading this, you are most likely suffering from Saturn effects. Saturn is transiting over one of your personal planets and if you're like many, you're suffering from depression, loss of income, efforts from family/friends, divorce, separation of loved ones and much more.  With Saturn (aka "extreme") moving closer to Pluto (aka "extreme") starting in January 2020, we will be seeing a shift in consciousness of the entire global population (add the word "extreme" to any one of the ill effects above). If a person is not having this transit over a personal planet, then they are experiencing trauma because someone close to them is.  
Here are some remedies that can offset this feeling of darkness. Know that this is a temporary transit and that you are not alone.
  • Do not consume red meat, drink milk (Saturn is vehemently opposed to what represents Moon, such as milk), alcohol or take ANY drugs.
  • Focus on hard work, a consistent schedule, plenty of sleep
  • Donate to worthy causes that help the poor
  • Settle legal battles. Release the warrior mentality. Focus on healing the scars that were inflicted on you in this lifetime, which may include childhood abuse and the way others have been treated.
  • Clean the home (no servants) at the same time every day.
  • Go to the dentist (Saturn rules teeth)
  • Incorporate a business (a new "timestamp" can change Shani Sade energy)
  • Meditate and learn Saturn mantras for Saturdays
  • See a therapist at least once a week
  • Awareness: know that others are going through the same transit

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