Saturn Remedies for All Saturn Transits

If you're reading this, you are most likely suffering from Saturn effects. Saturn is transiting over one of your personal planets or conjunct - and if you're like many, you're suffering from depression, loss of income, efforts from family/friends, divorce, separation of loved ones and much more.  With Saturn (aka "extreme") moving closer to Pluto (aka "extreme") starting in January 2020, we will be seeing a shift in consciousness of the entire global population (add the word "extreme" to any one of the ill effects above).
The USA is currently experiencing Sade Sati; you can see themes of what is happening and how it can relate to you (often unnecessary paranoia/fear, sickness, being around death, economic turmoil/money loss, low energy, isolation/containment, inability to be around other people who can help you, losing your job or home, being hidden behind a "mask" that is not you).  Most of my clients have experienced at least a few of these effects. (Personally, in my Shani Sade/Sade Sati period I had some minor health issues but nothing major).  You can request a 15 minute Shane Sade/Sade Sati reading at ($35).  For further information on this transit read more.

Here are some remedies that can offset this feeling of darkness. Know that this is a temporary transit and that you are not alone.
  • Do not consume red meat, drink milk (Saturn is vehemently opposed to what represents Moon, such as milk), alcohol or take any drugs. Prescribed medication, if necessary, is ok to consume.
  • Focus on hard work, a consistent schedule, plenty of sleep
  • Donate to worthy causes that help the poor
  • Write down how you feel in a journal and read it 3 days later to see the affect that Saturn has on your mentality: awareness is key
  • Settle legal battles. Stop fighting. Release the warrior mentality
  • Focus on healing the scars that were inflicted on you in this lifetime, which may include childhood abuse how you have treated others
  • Clean the home or work on the home at the same time every day or once a week, as long as it is at the same time and consistent
  • Go to the dentist (Saturn rules teeth)
  • Incorporate a business (a new "timestamp" can change Saturn energy to a positive as long as it is not during a bad period like Mercury retrograde)
  • Meditate and learn Saturn mantras for Saturdays
  • If you are financially able, see a therapist regularly at the same time
  • Awareness: know that others are going through the same transit
  • Learn something new and study it well

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