The Effects of Shani Sade

When you start to understand what Shani Sade means, you'll have a lot of questions (and this site shows you plenty of case studies so that you can understand that you're not the only one encountering major life challenges).  Everyone experiences Shani Sade (also known as Sadhesati and Sade Sati) differently.  In eastern countries, it is a period that is feared (naturally as Saturn rules "fear").  You will probably experience fear and depression unless you take the appropriate remedies and learn awareness. When the period is over, you will feel renewed and relieved that past negative relationships and hardships have ended.  You'll be glad that you didn't give up as Saturn always rewards when you've ended a challenging (and often long) Saturn transit. If you've put your head down and worked without expecting anything, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Don't give up before you've received your reward.

If you want to find out how strong your Shane Sade period is (or will be) you can look up your "Ashtakavarga" number which is available online (look for an Astakavarga calculator).  Of the 7.5 years, Shani Sade will show the true "task master" side of Saturn for about 2.5.

Think "CrossFit" for your soul. The remaining 5 years may be less challenging.

(Side note: The USA is currently starting Shane Sade per the country's birth chart)

Here is a list of possibilities that you will encounter during Shani Sade but you may only experience some:

1. You're burning any bad karma that was created in this life time

2. You let go of relationships that don't serve you well, freeing up new energy

3. Moving once or multiple times or feeling displaced is normal

4. Betrayals can surprise you 

5. Embarrassment or humiliation is common

6. You will find your true calling 

7. A health issue can temporarily complicate your life

8. You may feel cold (physical or emotional)

9. Loss of money (taxes, divorce, lawsuits, theft)

10. Impulsive travel to a far away destination (it will not improve your emotional or psychological state)

11. You will try very hard to move in a better direction but achieve little or no results

12. Any hidden motives by others may be revealed (and, in the end, benefit you

13. You'll be encountering more of the elderly and people that represent Saturn 

14. You might be very short-tempered

15. You'll feel exiled, you will endure silence or bouts of extreme loneliness

16. You'll feel older or think you look older. Dark circles under your eyes can form from Saturn.

17. You'll learn a new ideology, craft or method of healing

18. You'll have to practice patience regularly

19. Career or possibly frequent job changes are typical

20. Discovery of a "new you"

There are only a few highlights above but when Shani Sade ends (the extreme part lasting 2.5 years), you will be very grateful and be closer to discovering the true meaning of your life.

Click here for a list of remedies.


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