Your Birth Chart: Find Your Trines, Avoid Your Squares

Sometimes your inner desires gravitate towards challenging people, places or events in a consistent way over time. In astrology, that's what we call a "square."  To live your best life and follow a path that brings a positive outcome, look to your "trines".  You can discover this information by drawing a birth chart. In the past, up until recently, calculating your "chart" (or the location of the planets at the exact moment you were born) required a professional astrologer and complicated calculations. Thankfully, with the magic of the internet, it takes literally seconds to draw a picture of that moment you entered earth. Here are the steps to calculate your chart and understand simple ways to begin improving your life.

*when you look at a current transit with a malefic or outer planet, it does not always express badly! If a planet placed in a house (i.e. Mars in Scorpio, Aries or Capricorn), it can be a very motivating time as if someone has lit a fire under you!

1. Calculate your birth chart. We suggest astro-seek.

2. Calculate your Transit Chart by clicking "Transits" on or to see which of the houses in your chart are being affected by the current planets. 

3. At a glance, look for Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Traditionally (especially if they are squaring another planet), these are the most difficult areas you will deal with in your life (birth chart) or in the current period where you are experiencing difficulty (transit chart).

 4. Now start to get to know these planets as they move through the houses of your birth chart marked 1-12.  Here's a quick summary of potential effects:

(Note: the size of houses in each person's chart is different, which determines how long you will be affected for each transit)

Saturn: delays, cold, no "new" energy with which to build. As an example, when Saturn is transiting your 2nd house, your ability to make money is generally blocked. This is the time to save the little you might be bringing in.  On the upside, when it finishes through a house, and you have completed the necessary work, you will be rewarded (think new job and a big paycheck).  Sometimes, when you work really hard and endure long periods of darkness, you will be amazed at how you'll come out of it.

Mars:  aggression, ambition, anger, disagreements.  Mars is a faster moving planet than the others so it will whiz through each sign. You may feel like reacting harshly to everything that's about the subjects representing this affected house OR you could suddenly be very motivated and proactive in that house (and get a lot done).

Uranus: ups and downs, the ultimate shake up! You just can't be comfortable in this house for up to 7.5 years of its transit. As soon as you feel calm, you'll feel another shift in energy. On a positive note, you're super innovative and are insightful with high-level thinking. Technology will be featured.

Pluto: loss of loved ones or favorite things - yet a full transformation. Pluto rules the 8th house of real estate, insurance, sex, transformation and (often later in life) death. This is a tough transit and one that will transform you and your outlook the most.

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